I always like to hear that my customers are pleased with my work. Here are just a few of the messages I've received back…

I received the music stand a couple of days ago, but waited to put it together until my son could come over and help. When I saw how easily it assembled, I realized I could have done it myself as soon as it came. It was so easy. I absolutely am in love with it. The design is perfect, and the craftsmanship is magnificent. I can't tell you how thrilled I am with it and how lucky I feel to own such a beautiful music stand. Thank you so much. The whole experience was great....your communications, your friendliness and a music stand that is worthy of becoming an heirloom. With gratitude and good wishes.

Winter Park, FL

We just received the music stand yesterday and it was everything we had hoped for and more. The quality of craftsmanship is outstanding. It looks perfect in my office! Thank you once again for this work of art.

Pat & Tony
Scottsdale, AZ

​Hey, just wanted to let you know that I have been using my stand for a couple weeks now and I’m very happy with it. I love the color and the design.

Estes Park, CO

Assembly was very easy! It is lovely. I know our choir director will be thrilled.

Hudson, MA

​The stand is absolutely beautiful; our son loves it. You have exceeded our high expectations – thank you! Your skill and attention to detail is evident with one glance at the Gaillard. We also sincerely appreciate your exceptional efforts to get the stand here as quickly as possible. Bravo Jeff!

Orland Park, IL

The stand arrived. It is lovely--well worth the wait. The finish is beautiful. I'm sure I'll be inspired to practice more.

Sebastopol, MS

A quick note to let you know the stand arrived yesterday safe and sound. The stand and finish are absolutely perfect, exactly what I had hoped it would look like. The curly maple is indeed striking on the desk, truly a work of art. I appreciate all the work and skill you put into creating this stand, well, all three of my stands and look forward to using them for the rest of my days. Truly heirlooms to pass on to other musicians and be used and enjoyed for many generations. Again, thank you from a very satisfied customer!

Benet Lake, WI

We received the music stand. It is just as beautiful as we imagined. Thanks for the fantastic craftsmanship. It is a wonderful addition to our home and will be a foundational part of our music.

Jack & Heather
Brea, CA

The ladies came in this afternoon and assembled the stand. It's beautiful and they are so pleased with it. A fitting tribute to their mother. Thanks again!

Kinston, NC

My stand arrived today and I just assembled it. I am sitting admiring it right now and wanted to thank you for creating such a piece of functional artwork. Also, kudos to the very protective packaging. 

Carlsbad, CA 

I just wanted to thank you for the care you put into making my beautiful music stand. I am delighted with it and I count it as one of the most precious things I own.

Ballarat, Victoria 

I put my new stand together today and I find it aesthetically beautiful, practically useable, and more importantly, a great source of joy to have. Thank you for your work to make such a beautiful piece of art to grace my home.

Westminster, CO 

Arrived, assembled and being used. It looks magnificent. 

Benicia, CA 

A quick note to let you know the beautiful stand arrived early this morning as scheduled. Truly a lovely piece of craftsmanship and a work of art. I am delighted with the stand, it matches my new harp perfectly. The wood choice is beautiful and the fluted column of the stand compliments the fluted column of my harp nicely.  

Benet Lake, WI

Just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your help in getting this. You seem to have a great sense of timing and understanding, in that you kept me posted on the progress of my order at just the right times. Presuming you are busy with backorders and the chaos that can cause, your help is really appreciated. By the way, the music stand is here, assembled, and beautiful. Thanks again to you and your craftsmen.

Parkdale, OR 

We received the stand. Perfect!! We love it, and will really treasure this.

East Greenwich, RI 

Thank you for the gorgeously made stand! I love the look of it and how sturdy it is.
Just beautiful!

Austin, TX

The stand is absolutely gorgeous!!!!

London, Ontario 

I just returned to Murrieta and found the music stand patiently awaiting! (A friend was able to receive the delivery and handle it for us.) Last night I put it together (easy and very clear directions) and today it was unveiled for the first time, and also just in time for Kenneth’s birthday! It is clearly such a very beautiful piece of labor, quality, and love. The design, color, and wood choice were all just perfect and very fitting for us. Thank you so much for working with Kenneth and I on all of these details, and the final product has turned out so pleasing. We will always treasure it. We were talking about how torn we are about putting music on it, because we love seeing it so much, and don’t want to cover any of it up! Thank you, Jeff. It has been a true pleasure working with you, and I wish you the best in all your endeavors. 

PS Here is a letter from Kenneth for you also.

My name is Kenneth, and I am Jacalyn's fiancee. I know she has written to you, but I felt that I had to add my own thoughts. The music stand is everything we had hoped it would be, and even more than that. It is a work of art in its own right. It is so very rare these days to come across a true craftsman, one who approaches his craft with the devotion, dedication, love, and skill that you have, Jeff. Jacalyn and I shall treasure this always. It is a true masterpiece. Thank you so much, Jeff. You are a true artist.

Jacalyn & Kenneth
Murrieta, CA 

We have received the music stand, safe and sound, and it is just so beautiful, well-made and expertly crafted. Your aesthetics and design are superb! Thank you so much for this elegant piece of furniture. It looks wonderful next to our harp!

Pasadena, CA 

The beautiful & solid stand arrived today safe and sound, thank you for the excellent packaging. The stand is actually nicer than I expected and everything assembled together flawlessly. I sure appreciate your craftsmanship and attention to detail, exemplary work. So pleased I found your website and your beautiful artistic and creative music stands.

Benet Lake, WI

Got it safely today. It is beautiful! Thank you.  

Maple City, MI

My husband loves it!!! Your work is exemplary and appreciated! 

St. Paul, MN

Wow and WOW!! Got the stand today and it looks gorgeous!! The craftsmanship is beautiful and the wood tone matches perfectly. Thank you so much, you are really wonderful! 

Santa Ana, CA

The stand came and we just put it together. It is beautiful! My daughter is extremely happy with it. Thank you so much.

College Park, MD

The stand arrived this afternoon and I just got it assembled. I love it! The adjustments are easy and amazing. I'm very pleased! 

Leawood, KS 

Thank you so very much!! I believe that you did an awesome job and my new stand will give me just that little extra motivation to practice and rehearse until it's good enough to my standards, if that point exists at all... Moreover, it just looks beautiful in the center of my living room! Once again, thank you very much. I'm now a proud owner and user of your fine work!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The stand arrived, and it is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much!

New York, NY 

The stand has arrived! It's beautiful - what lovely wood and woodworking. Thank you so much for going with my unusual pairing - I think the George II desk works very well with the Tulip turning and legs. And I do like the way the adjustments work. I can see that I'll be able to pile music on it without the legs buckling. But I won't, because I won't want to hide the desk!

Berkeley, CA 

The stand arrived in good condition thanks to your care in packing. I love the design and how it functions, and appreciate your making the shaft longer to accommodate my 6+ foot tall students.

Westminster, CO

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